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2003 - 2018

LabelTasks 1.2 for Retailers - 2003

In 2003 Green Light Data Systems launches it's Shelf label management and printing application for MS WIndows XP - then requiring the .NET Framework to be installed as part of the solution, this software provided a key method for independent retailers enabling them to keep in line with Unit Pricing legislation.

Wholesale - 2004

Taking the reliability of the already proven retail labelling solution, LabelTasks 1.2, a robust solution for the Wholesale sector is produced with Shelf Talkers in mind. LabelTasks 1.3 interfaces to 3rd party wholesale distribution systems based on both Windows server and the UNIX operating systems.

Distribution - 2004

Seeing the need to expand the already successful software framework presented to Retail and Wholesale sectors for label management and printing and, taking into consideration industrial strength printer hardware based on a proprietary platform - In 2004 PalletStar is developed as an SSCC standard compliant pallet labelling application. PalletStar genertes both pallet and packing case traceable labels adhering to the SSCC standard, as governed by the GS-1 organisation.

Application Licensing  - 2005

To match the increased productivity in software application development, a method was required by which management of customer software licenses could take place and be integrated with our software applications. The complete suite of applications was overhauled and modified to allow proper control over software licenses distributed to our customers. Regattare Application License Framework was developed with this goal in mind and allowed us to streamline the sales and support of our applications.

Reporting Module - 2006

To unify the reporting standard across all of its software products, in 2006 Green Light Data Systems starts to distribute its Label Printing module to its customers as ReportTasks. ReportTasks is a fully configurable format and layout management application which collates the data to be presented in the style which the customer dictates. ReportTasks becomes available as a stand alone solution providing a cost saving measure for retailers with multi branch operations.

SLA Reporting - 2007

Using the MS-Office suite of applications and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) - SLA Database & Tracker is designed and developed to maintain customer Service Level Agreements to ensure that project delivery targets are met within the acceptable and agreed guidelines set.

Localization Tools - 2008

In 2008 Green Light Data Systems is contracted to develop a suite of utilities which aid in the project management of localization undertakings by facilitating the extraction of localizable terms in application source code for games and other offerings for translation. In addition, Translation Manager tools are developed to ease the workload in uploading, validating and exporting of translation data.

FREE Software - 2009

In keeping with the offerings of the competitive retail software market, the core functionality of LabelTasks 1.2 is offered as a free to use solution for retailers to download and install. Offering a basic range of shelf label templates and a clear upgrade path to the full featured and licensed LabelTasks 1.2 app., LabelTasks GO! is released as an easy to use shelf labelling utility.

New website launches - 2010

A website for each core product and service supported by Green Light Data Systems is launched to facilitate more efficient website maintenance and SEO activities.

Website promotion service - 2010

Given the success which in-house website building and SEO offered to operations, a new service - 'Achilles Web - Website Promotion Services' was launched offering four levels of promotion, app. development and SEO product to private clients.

Remote Desktop Support - 2010

Inclusion of remote Desktop Support tools for remote support to client machines as well as operations of LabelTasks software on mobile devices linking to back office machines for shop floor operations. This allows clients to avail of free remote desktop client software to gain technical support as well as use their LabelTasks software on Tablets and mobile devices, thus making maintenance of label information and printing shelf labels in their back office a possibility.

Restricted document management - 2013

Clients can now have their documents packaged into a licensed and controlled application for controlled distribution of confidential material. Utilising the Regattare Application Licensing Framework, each installation requires a license key code and is attached to a web based license certificate which has a predetermined life span.

Application Updates - 2014

A complete overhaul of the code base on all applications takes place to take full advantage of the latest operating system environments (Including 64 bit) - requested product improvements are also considered in this update, offering a more customer focused implementation of products across LabelTasks PalletStar, Regattare, ReportTasks and RestricterDoc suite of applications.

Mobile Shelf Label Management - 2017

LabelTasks Inceptum is released as a standard, silver and gold level subscription service which is brought about by application virtualisation for mobile, tablet and desktop web based use. Additional features are available in the implementation as well as the classic features available in LabelTasks 1.2

Shelf Label PDF Document Bureau - 2017

Production of shelf label formatted PDF documents is offered as a service for retailers who submit their stock details in an Excel document. There is no limit to the number of stock details which are processed in this manner and it is offered as an interim solution to retailers who have not invested heavily in retail technology yet. LabelTasks Express is also a direct implementation path to the LabelTasks 1.2 or LabelTasks Inceptum applications.

IDE Migration - January 2018

Having previously relied on the stable development platforms provided by Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2002 and then Visual Studio .Net 2008 - to keep in line with operating system developments moving forward into the future and, expectations in mobile device operations, Visual Studio .Net 2017 is adopted as a means to ensuring that development of our products continues in the right direction.
Bespoke software services are also available for our product range, which means that additional features you require can be added as a managed solution. Full support resources and services are available to implement these products with your specific requirements - from specialist device integration (printers, communications) to legacy system and 3rd party software interfacing.